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Stylebook Supplement on LGBT Terminology

"Gay marriage" or "marriage rights for same-sex couples?" Is there anything wrong with referring to an "alternative lifestyle?" Is using the word "queer" ever acceptable? NLGJA's Stylebook Supplement on LGBT Terminology answers these questions and complements other stylebook resources.

Tip Sheets on LGBT Coverage

NLGJA offers topical tip sheets by reporters for reporters covering current issues relating to the LGBT Community. Current tip sheets include:

Journalists Toolbox

With stories about the LGBT community making news in beats from health to education and everywhere in between, NLGJA's Journalists Toolbox is designed to provide information and strategies to journalists who find themselves seeking creative, unique and accurate means of covering the LGBT community.

Newsroom Outreach Project

The Newsroom Outreach Project is a member-based professional development program that works to further NLGJA’s mission through meetings with broadcast, print and online newsrooms across the country. It's a moderated discussion, designed to help journalists better understand issues that affect LGBT individuals and their community.